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Our company goes the extra mile in providing reliable property experiences for everyone who works with us. We understand that integrity comes first when entrusting someone with your investment property or the roof over your head.

Whatever your level of interest, you can start exploring today, with our experts alongside you every step of the way.

Feel free to reach out regarding reliable rentals, finding and managing your place to call home, or for general advice surrounding the property market.

Landlords and tenants can contact any of our friendly staff using the details below or by filling out our contact form.

248B Marua Rd,
Mount Wellington, Auckland, 1051

Why Agathis Property Management?

We aim to set the benchmark in reshaping the way property management is approached within New Zealand. With transparency at the core of our business, we build trust through ethical practices and a focus on sustainability. We prioritise clear communication and genuinely positive relationships with our staff, contractors, clients, and tenants.