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Superior rental properties for tenants in Auckland

Find your next rental home today

Our rental properties can offer you a safe and healthy place to call home! We work with our tenants to ensure a smooth and friendly process through all stages of your tenancy.

When you rent with Agathis, your home will be a comfortable, enjoyable place to live. We conduct routine inspections and prompt maintenance work to make sure we keep your home in good condition. We also ensure every Agathis home complies with Healthy Homes Standards.

Whilst living in one of our rental properties, your peace and privacy will be considered with every decision we make. We do our best to avoid any landlord vs tenant tensions and provide a management experience that encourages a supportive, win-win process for all involved. 

Our team believes that your home should be your space to unwind and make memories within the beautiful landscape of Auckland, and we actively foster a culture that supports this. We are also fully committed to environmentally responsible working practices. Agathis is proud to work with Toitū Envirocare to ensure we are doing everything we can to manage and reduce our operating emissions.  

Take a look at our range of rental tenancies you could get to call yours:

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