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These processes render a useful malfunction of one’s perceptions and you may relationship knowledge regarding U

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These processes render a useful malfunction of one’s perceptions and you may relationship knowledge regarding U

In the long run, upcoming look in this area could mention alot more rigorously just how teens’ thinking, traditional, and you may factors determine their afterwards relationships consequences just like the adults. S. adolescents; although not, extra search playing with far more tight research measures do assist to determine whether discover causal links between teens’ very early dating enjoy and you can attitudes in addition to their matchmaking paths because grownups. Since extra swells of your own NLSY97 be readily available you to definitely follow this cohort then up, that it more detailed investigation of your results of adolescent thinking and you can event and you will mature matchmaking effects might be so much more fruitful.


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Evidence shown within this declaration is based priines just how adolescents’ attitudes and you can relationship knowledge differ all over communities laid out from the various group and personal attributes

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